My software


MacIsing is a freeware interactive Montecarlo simulation of the 2D Ising model, written for MacOs. The program is here, with a minimal documentation in pdf format.


Wigner molecules are artificial structures created by confining a set of repelling charged particles. Even for small numbers of them, their arrangement can be nontrivial: as an example, six charges on a disk tend to form a pentagon with the sixth particle at the center, and the situation gets only more complicated for higher numbers of particles or in three dimensions. CocoaWm is a freeware explorer of such structures for MacOs 10.5 or later. It allows to obtain stable 2D and 3D Wigner molecules and to study their normal modes of vibration. In addition, by virtue of a simple molecular dynamics engine, it is possible to observe the effects of scattering a fast charge on the molecule. The program can be found here. Documentation is included within the application.


Wm3D is a MacOs software which allows to study the fomation of simple classical clusters such as 1D, 2D and 3D Wigner molecules, Lennard-Jones clusters or to study the Thomson prople. The software is free and you can donwload it here, along with a short documentation. This is the granma of CocoaWm and can be compiled also under Linux. Stay tuned for the source code.